About me

"Dan is one of the most popular and well-respected bloggers and social commentators on the world wide web today. His prolific writing started with civilian defence and traditional martial arts and has rapidly extended to social justice and fairness, rational inquiry and a general analysis of the human condition - via both non-fiction essays and fictional short stories, novellas and novels.

In his fiction Dan is bold, experimental, sometimes satirical and generally off-beat - but he also knows how to tell a ripping, page-turning yarn.

With a foot in the door of virtually every genre, Dan writes an average of 300-600,000 words per year, most of which is published live online in real time. This is the writing method that produced his acclaimed 2014 novel "The Mirror Image of Sound", his 2015 novella and short story collection "The Shadow of Dusk", his 2016 romantic drama "Nights of the moon" and his young adult mystery novel of later that year "Girl in the Attic".

Always abuzz with eccentric energy, Dan works as a lawyer by day, a martial artist, sometime radio talk show host and publisher at night, a writer in the wee hours of the morning and an embarrassing father (to two teenage daughters) and annoying husband in the remaining time.

It's a good thing Dan is one of those rare individuals who seems to need only about 4 hours sleep per day!

With his quaint, old-world manners, Dan is generally affable and light-hearted, except where it comes to issues of human rights and environmental protection: while he will gladly suffer foolishness, he won't suffer those who are proud of it.

Dan is one of those rare individuals who lives (and writes) very much 'in the moment'. As such, all of his tightly-crafted and elegant writing is infused with his trademark infectious enthusiasm, anarchic immediacy and disarming sense of humour - not to mention his subtle over-arching sense of purpose and vision. In respect of the latter it is easy to forget that Dan's writing isn't carefully planned and organised years in advance.

Basically, Dan will take you on a ride - and make you think at the same time. But, as Amazon  UK reviewer Steve Beveridge put it, 'don't worry, you won't realise he is doing it to you!' So jump on. Just make sure you hold on tightly to the handrails."

- Mihajlo (Misha) Popov, April 2017

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