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Sick of the ice bucket challenge?

So you're sick of the ice bucket challenge eh? I mean, you've already heard the stats: so few people get ALS - so why are we raising a disproportionate amount of money on this illness when there are far more "worthy" ones - at least in terms of human suffering. Heck - clean water supply is a bigger issue isn't it? Yet here are people wasting clean water - wasting it - on some stupid challenge to raise money for some piddling little condition that almost no one suffers. I mean, you heard it on TV right? And now we hear that ALSA is trying to  claim intellectual property  over the whole ice bucket thingy - despite having nothing to do with it initially.  What gall! And now you hear about  fraud  - that's right  fraud in ALSA .  Some 73% of the money isn't going towards researching this condition! Except that these arguments have more holes than a colander through which you can pour iced water... First, there is  no fraud .  I'll let you