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Banishing self-doubt


I was going to title this essay "In defence of faith". But as you'll soon see, the mindset I am going to defend falls a bit short of "faith" in the strict sense of that word. Rather, I will be talking about the importance of "banishing self-doubt". My reasons for this subtle, though important, distinction will become clear later on.
Regardless of what we call it, I think this mindset is nothing short of critical to your "success" and general happiness – whether in martial arts (as depicted in the adjacent meme) or life in general. I hope to explain and evidence exactly how and why I think so in this essay.

But first, let me first discuss "faith" more generally.

Faith: is it the "antithesis of reason"?

"Faith" cops a lot of bad press from modern skeptical thinkers. And, to a large extent, I can see why. Faith is, after all, "blind": it is the belief in something without (at least sufficient)…