View Through a Torn Veil completed

The writing of View Through a Torn Veil was completed on 9 September 2018. I left the novel up for exactly one month for the dozen or so registered readers to finish, however it is now time for me to remove it from the net (even in its highly restricted form) and focus on preparing it for publication.

While I can always use my own imprint, Pikkeljig Press, to publish if no one else wants to (proof editions are on their way), this process will be held off until larger publishers have a chance to consider publication.

I'll keep you all posted!Ve

View Through a Torn Veil

I’ve bitten the bullet and started writing my latest novel “View Through a Torn Veil”. As before, it’s being written online, in instalments published as soon as they are written.

The synopsis is as follows:
A troubled would-be monk apparently commits suicide. His sister seeks the truth. But the only person who can help her is a shattered man hiding from his own past.
The ghosts of the old Cold War creep into the shadows of the present in this political and psychological thriller.
Spanning five decades and three continents, the story reaches its finale in an isolated cabin in Western Australia's deep southwest. There, two strangers must learn to trust each other if they are to untangle a complex web of lies - including the biggest lies of all: the ones you tell yourself. Join in and watch this psychological and political thriller unfold.

Miss you again

A short story

B: Hey Sam.
S: Hey yourself.
B: I'm not stalking you - I promise.
S: I know that, dumbhead.
B: Geez. Now there's something I haven't heard in thirty years.
S: What?
B: "Dumbhead." You used to call me that back in the day. When you were mad at me.
S: Or teasing you.
B: Ha, ha. Indeed. So - everything good on your side?
S: Yes. Mostly. And no... That's life eh?
B: What's up?
S: Ah - it'd take too long to explain.
B: Give it a try.
S: You might not be a stalker Brandon Durie but you're still a pest, you know that? Okay, in short: Graeme annoyed the crap out of me today (again). Just the usual domestic stuff: not doing his fair share of the chores. Then there's our two boys, who won't listen to a thing I say... They take after their dad, surprise, surprise. So I've locked myself in my study and told them I've got an op-ed piece to finish by tomorrow. They'll have to arrange dinner themselves.
B: Will they?
S: Oh, I do…

Two of my novels entered into 2017 PM's Literary Awards!

Pikkeljig Press has entered the two novels I published last year into the Prime Minister's Literary Awards for 2017, namely:
Girl in the Attic in the category "Young Adult Literature";Nights of the Moon in the category "Fiction". How great is that?

'Receiving' intent: the art of flipping the script

Here is an excerpt of part of my interview (from around the 59:33 min mark) with Ken Gullette on his podcast. This excerpt deals specifically with the use of "uke" - ie. "receiving", not only in the sense of receiving techniques, but also in the sense of a wider meaning of "receiving intent" in order to diffuse conflict.


*   *   * On receiving generally - "I win if I don't get hit"KG: I encourage everyone to read your blog. Just Google The Way of Least Resistance and you have excellent articles on there. And one of your blog posts recently about the Ronda Rousey fight actually triggered some practices of my own with my students where we were practicing basic slipping of a punch. Bobbing and weaving leaning and things like that for just basic boxing technique. One of my goals as a fighter, if I have been in a fight (and I haven't since I was eighteen), is I don't want to get hurt. I want to avoid getting head.

DD: Yes. Which is …

My podcast interview with Ken Gullette

I was very honoured to be a guest on veteran US television and radio journalist Ken Gullette's Chicago-based podcast show a few weeks back. The interview ranged over a wide variety of topics and ran for 90 min. I didn't expect Ken to include all of it in the podcast, but he did! And I'm even more amazed that people are still downloading it and giving me positive feedback a week later!

Most seem to have listened to it on a long drive or, in at least one case, on a flight, but I had a call from Melbourne from an old friend who stayed up to 2 a.m. listening to the entire thing - which is all deeply flattering!

Anyway, here it is - I hope you find at least parts of it interesting. From around the 1:00 hour mark I talk about a young man who turned up to my front door late at night armed with a knife - and how I dealt with the situation.