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Multi-level marketing: what's wrong with it

I am dismayed by the continuing existence (and proliferation) of multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes like ACN, Melaleuca, Omegatrend (New Image International) and, of course, Amway.

I am fundamentally opposed to such schemes for the principal reason that they are immoral. Here is why I think so:

In an MLM scheme the focus of your “business” is not to provide goods or services to people. The focus of your “business” is to rope other people into your “business”. The provision of goods or services is incidental.

Whenever a friend or acquaintance plucks up the courage to talk to me about their new “franchise” in an MLM scheme they usually say: “You haven’t heard of the company because they channel money that would have gone into advertising into making their product or service cheaper/better etc.” This is usually the first and last time any mention is made of the product or service. Instead the focus shifts to making you a part of the “business”.

Why is the above such a problem?