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The wrong side of history

There are some things about which a man must speak or risk being tarred with the brush of callous - or complicit - indifference. ****************** Initially this advertised Facebook post (which came up on my feed) seemed reminiscent of the countries that boasted how they'd turned away the (middle class and higher) Jewish escapees from Europe in 1939 .  Then I remembered: the boats that have been coming to Australia aren't full of "real refugees". And we know this without giving them due process - without having even heard them. You see, these people are boarding rickety boats from stable, peaceful places like Sri Lanka (or, in the most recent case, from a UN refugee camp in India). Then they're risking life and limb to cross vast oceans in those rickety boats - just to "jump the queue" in immigration. I mean that's what people naturally do - right? I'm surprised this hasn't happened throughout Australia's history! Why have