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Never play to the gallery

I've written four novels , all of which are experimental, and none of which are remotely alike or fit any easy genre classification. Every book I write has been, and will be, different. Every time I write, I take a risk: I throw myself in the deep end. I never let myself get comfortable. Because it is only when you are treading water, unable to touch the bottom, that you stand a chance of doing something different, something exciting. The late, great, David Bowie put it well: never play it safe - and never play to the gallery. I refuse to play to the gallery - utterly and completely. Every fibre in my being rebels against this pressure. I don't mind if you like 'series' of books or the comfort of formula fiction - each to their own. But when I write, I want to do something different. I want the chance to do something 'original' - if that's at all possible. In particular I have copped flak for two of my more eclectic pieces - Nights of the Moon