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The continued relevance of feminism and other protest movements

The alt-right will insist there is no longer any need for feminism. In so doing, they will lampoon the perspective of some crazy YouTubers or radical ideologues, ignoring the majority of ordinary, everyday women who understand (and experience the fact) that systemic or cultural sexism still exists - even in the West. And even if its occurrence has been vastly reduced over the past four decades.

Other ordinary, everyday people will understand and experience the fact that racism, xenophobia, homophobia and religious persecution are also still woven into the fabric of all societies - including Western ones.

To assume that all those who recognise the continued existence of some level of systemic or cultural discrimination in society are "radicals" who have some "agenda" flies in the face of fact. Clear, incontrovertible fact (not "alternative fact").

Consider feminism. If it is no longer an issue in Western society, then why have such a large number of fema…

Never play to the gallery

I've written four novels, all of which are experimental, and none of which are remotely alike or fit any easy genre classification.

Every book I write has been, and will be, different. Every time I write, I take a risk: I throw myself in the deep end. I never let myself get comfortable. Because it is only when you are treading water, unable to touch the bottom, that you stand a chance of doing something different, something exciting.

The late, great, David Bowie put it well: never play it safe - and never play to the gallery.

I refuse to play to the gallery - utterly and completely. Every fibre in my being rebels against this pressure. I don't mind if you like 'series' of books or the comfort of formula fiction - each to their own. But when I write, I want to do something different. I want the chance to do something 'original' - if that's at all possible.

In particular I have copped flak for two of my more eclectic pieces - Nights of the Moon and The Shado…