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Girl in the Attic - new online young adult novel

I've just started my latest project - the online young adult mystery novel "Girl in the Attic". Three posts in, it is already starting to attract a loyal following. As with all my books, it'll be taken down shortly after the last installment is posted, so read it here while you can!

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Why HRC lost to the least qualified man - ever

It seems that everywhere I look, I see #Trumpwins followed by #everydaysexism - or something similar. That is a troubling thought. How could America's most qualified woman be beaten by America's least qualified man? What does it say about women's political chances in the future - in the US and in many other countries?

By now, many of you will be aware that 53% of "white" women in America voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton - and that was despite his talk of crotch grabbing and other sexual assaults, his many victims of such assaults coming forward, his general demeaning of women and his sexist verbal attacks against specific women.

I think the above statistic reflects a deep dissatisfaction with growing income inequality, the inexorably diminishing middle class and a frustration with the establishment that has allowed this to happen - on both sides of the two party system. It seems clear to me that the US zeitgeist was/is to vote for an "outsider&quo…