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What the last Q and A didn't answer

I watched the last Q and A with a mix of horror and revulsion.  Not because of what was said - but because of what wasn't.  Katy Faust and Brendan O'Neill simply had too many free kicks.  And I'm afraid many in the Australian public think they actually landed goals.

Here's what I think:

Katy Faust can't get past the fact that marriage and having kids are two different things. LGBTI people can, and already are, having children - and have been legally recognised as parents in most Australian jurisdictions for some time. Allowing LGBTI people to marry won't "increase" this - it will just give long-deserved equal recognition to the legal status of people in committed long-term relationships, regardless of their gender.

Katy, you can't keep blithely assuming that "marriage is about having children". It isn't. More and more people aren't getting married but are still having kids. Many people are getting married but aren'thaving kid…

Let's help Guy!

My good friend and fellow Pikkelig Press author, Guy McGowan, was recently burgled and lost his treasured computer notebook (with all his work on it!).

While it's hard for any of us to help him with the lost work, we can at least help the talented artist and graphic designer replace his primary work tool.

Accordingly I pledge to give 100% of the royalties of my books for the month of August to Guy in order to enable him to replace his stolen hardware.

That's right: the proceeds of every one of my books you buy this month will go towards helping Guy replace his computer.

Let's make this a reality folks!

My fiction catalogue can be found here and my best-selling martial textbook "Essential Jo" can be found here.

Come on - you can help a talented artist recover from a devastating loss - and get a good read to boot!  Join me now!

*Note: Due to Kindle's new policy of not paying its authors except by "pages read", this pledge relates only to physical book…