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Miss you again

A short story B: Hey Sam. S: Hey yourself. B: I'm not stalking you - I promise. S: I know that, dumbhead. B: Geez. Now there's something I haven't heard in thirty years. S: What? B: "Dumbhead." You used to call me that back in the day. When you were mad at me. S: Or teasing you. B: Ha, ha. Indeed. So - everything good on your side? S: Yes. Mostly. And no... That's life eh? B: What's up? S: Ah - it'd take too long to explain. B: Give it a try. S: You might not be a stalker Brandon Durie but you're still a pest, you know that? Okay, in short: Graeme annoyed the crap out of me today (again). Just the usual domestic stuff: not doing his fair share of the chores. Then there's our two boys, who won't listen to a thing I say... They take after their dad, surprise, surprise. So I've locked myself in my study and told them I've got an op-ed piece to finish by tomorrow. They'll have to arrange dinner themselves. B: Will