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Thirty years ago today...

To commemorate my father's passing - on this day 30 years ago - here is a song I wrote for him.

I am now the same age he was on that fateful day.

You know you've made it when... #2

You know you've made it when you find your own book in the local library!

So cool!

You know you've made it when... #1

You know you've made it when people start to pirate your work... particularly when they give you rave reviews:
":winnah:I advised it to all my friends. It is the best thing ever read.""I like it! It's interesting, sophisticated and excellent.""Forget everything you've read earlier That was nothing in comparison with this great book!""The best masterpiece I've ever read!""It has to be in every flat!""Firstly, you will be smiling then you will be crying and don't say you haven't been told!" This seems to be a German group (which might account for some random Germans I met in Europe who had actually read my book - and were fans!).

I don't know whether to be outraged or flattered!  And I seriously don't get the "free" thing - not when Amazon has dropped the Kindle price to $4.80...

Great new review for The Mirror Image of Sound!

I am so pleased to have received this review on Amazon from respected WA novelist and academic Ian Reid for my novel The Mirror Image of Sound!
The funniest book I've read for a long while. I love the playful way it takes the idea of self-reflexive storytelling and turns it into a zany fantasy of split characterisation - D1/D2, Fenyops Pikkeljig et al. Unflaggingly inventive. Hilarious characters, situations, dialogue. DD should consider writing scripts for comic movies. It is wonderful to have such an endorsement from one of my colleagues in the writing profession.