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The Mirror Image of Sound as a short film?

Here's a short film that covers the sci-fi element of The Mirror Image of Sound rather perfectly!

Marriage equality: it's about normalisation

Years ago I remember reading the letters to the editor in our local newspaper The West Australian.  One irate woman wrote in to say that she'd identified the secret "Gay Agenda": to "normalise gayness."

Shock horror.

Well I have news for that woman: this "agenda" isn't so secret.  In fact, it's obvious.  It always has been.

One sector of society (we'll call them the "social conservatives") somehow think this is reprehensible.  Another sector (we'll call them the "social progressives") think this is laudable.  What role does this social division play in the current debate on marriage equality in Australia?

Some time ago the Australian ABC screened a controversial episode of the children's programme "Playschool", featuring a child with two mothers.  This was during a segment called "Through the Window" which commonly examined different, everyday social situations.  Needless to say, the episod…

A Hazy Shade of Twilight Kindle Update

The Kindle version of A Hazy Shade of Twilight has now been updated to fix various formatting discrepancies.

If you bought the old version, your Kindle or Android etc. reader will allow you to update it.

If you haven't bought it yet - what are you waiting for?  At $3.95, the e-version is a steal!

Hazy Shade of Twilight now on Kindle!

A Hazy Shade of Twilight is now on Kindle!

A Hazy Shade of Twilight published!

A Hazy Shade of Twilight is now available for purchase here.

For those who read it online, note that, after advice from my editor, the ending and structure have been slightly revised.  Think of it as a "Director's Cut".