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Memories of Taiwan: encounters with spirituality

It was Wednesday afternoon in my first week in Taiwan and I was emotionally exhausted. That morning I, among others, had undergone a traditional "bai shi" ceremony where I was accepted as an "inner circle" student of my teacher Chen Yun-Ching. Every facade had cracked; my attempts at maintaining a composed, relaxed front had proved laughable, and even Master Chen's normally inscrutable exterior crumbled as he knelt before the picture of his father and bowed three times, openly shedding tears. Then, with every one of us bai shi, he had the handkerchief at hand.

Before me was my good mate "Little" John Scott who so endearingly wears his heart on his sleeve, tears flowing freely. By the time my turn came I resolved to keep some semblance of both my and Master Chen's composure, holding back hot tears behind my eyeballs; pressure vessels about to explode.

In the afternoon I felt so spent I didn't bother to note where we were going. All I knew…

Halcyon day

Adapted from the song "Coney Island Day"

Out of the darkness of my mind
I want to map the stars and leave it all behind.
I don't need a fantasy
to know the things you're giving me -
I just want to let the clock unwind.

Don't want you fighting storms for me,
don't want you taking arms against a troubled sea.
The zephyr can lead the way,
the tide can take us 'cross the bay;
and old father time can let us be.

Don't want you shedding tears today,
'cause I've got a ticket that will
take your blues away.
The answer for you and me:
take time out from reality -
and make this our finest halcyon day.

An mp3 of the full band version of "Coney Island Day" can be downloaded here.

An mp3 of the acoustic version of "Coney Island Day" can be downloaded here.

Copyright © 2000-9 Dejan Djurdjevic

Way back home

Flickers low like candlelight
out across the bay -
the same star, a different sky,
another needle in the hay.

And I need a place to hide away.
Or someone who'll take me
where the mystery survives -
a thousand miles away, way back home.

Saw your picture yesterday.
You're always on my mind.
You show up at crowds I'm in,
then you're always so damn hard to find.

The mp3 of the song can be downloaded here.

Copyright © 1987, 2009 Dejan Djurdjevic