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Deny me not that I love thee: a sonnet

With all my youth I gave to thee a love
that lost itself upon thy soul like mist.
In turn did thou, like Apollo above,
my feelings doubt and passion dry to dust.
For time, thou said, love's true chariot be,
while love in haste meets untimely demise.
Though wisdom is the source of harmony,
time we lacked to make our feelings wise.

Yet still, thy mind unknown, I worship true:
what time do mortals need to o'erfill
their hearts with sadness, hate and joy anew,
and is not youthful love a feeling still?

So spurn my wanton love for all to see,
yet please: deny me not that I love thee.

Copyright © 1985, 2009 Dejan Djurdjevic

How you sleep at night

Adapted from the songs "Good enough for you" and "How you sleep at night"

Last night I walked a lonely mile to get away,
but all the thoughts still beat like hail inside my brain.
You cry out in innocence:
I was much too easy to betray.
So now you've found someone to take your poisoned chalice.
You sail in pacifica
while I still step on landmines that you laid.

If that ain't good enough for you,
take the time to close your eyes and look inside yourself.

How you sleep at night is something I was wondering to myself.

An mp3 of the song "How you sleep at night" can be downloaded here.

An mp3 of the reggae mix of "Good enough for you" can be downloaded here.

I'll upload the original rock version of "Good enough for you" when I get the chance.

An mp3 of the instrumental "Chasing the Devil" (1985) which inspired the song can be downloaded here.

Copyright © 2000, 2009 Dejan Djurdjevic

My maiden lies asleep tonight

Adapted from the original poem I wrote in 1987 and the song of the same name in 2000.

An empty page before me
keeps me from my sleep
as I watch my maiden sigh.

Occupied in slumber's
innocence so deep,
my maiden lies asleep tonight.

Shall I homage pay
to this Goddess of mine
at some time?

Can I bring this page
to bear a single line
for good?

Like some chronicle
of wasted time,
this page before me boasts a sestet crime:

All the meaning's stolen
from the rhyme
for good.

Copyright © 1987, 2000, 2009 Dejan Djurdjevic