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Why I don't believe in a god (but respect your belief in one)

Introduction I must say at the outset that I approach this topic with a great degree of reluctance and caution. I once went to a pub that had a sign forbidding discussion of politics or religion; this is presumably because both subjects are fraught with potential for hostile argument – argument that usually cannot be resolved (at least, amicably!). People tend to have a large emotional investment in their political and spiritual beliefs and any disagreement relating to these beliefs can "cut close to the bone". So the conventional wisdom is: "Don't go there." And yet I will "go there" – at least in relation to religion. Why? For this simple reason: to explain my worldview. I think I can do this without disrespecting others – including many of my friends and family who are religious. After all, one can fail to be convinced by another person's religious reasoning without finding fault with the person. The two do not need go hand-in-hand