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Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz

Broadly, when we talk about “overdrive”, distortion” and “fuzz”, we are talking about wave clipping , which happens when the signal exceeds the headroom of the amp.  Soft clipping is normally called “overdrive” and mimics the gain on your amp being turned up. Hard clipping is more aggressive, cutting the peaks flat. This is called “distortion”. When the wave form is so clipped that it turns a sine wave into a fully square shape, this is called “fuzz”. Here’s a diagram: Overdrive can be likened to a boost: it drives your amp harder so that the amp (rather than the effects pedal or app) creates the distortion. Think of overdrive in the way you might think of the gain on your amp (or the “power knob” if you one, which affects how much the gain knob drives the amp). Obviously some “overdrive pedals” are just weaker distortion pedals (because they do more than drive the amp).  Likewise, some “distortion pedals” are really more like overdrives because they really don’t introduce a clip as mu

Tenth Anniversary (Special) Second Edition of The Mirror Image of Sound!

It's been 10 years since my debut novel The Mirror Image of Sound was first published by Pikkeljig Press. I'm proud to annouce that, as of today, the special anniversary Second Edition is now live on Amazon and available for purchase! Please note that it replaces the First Edition. You may wonder why a second edition was necessary...   Over the years I have had small errors (typos, etc.) pointed out to me and I have stored these up.  I also regretted the subtitle almost as soon as it was published. The new subtitle is “A novel about second chances”.  Finally, and most importantly, some minor extraneous minor scenes that bogged poor Dan’s story down in the first act have been excised, speeding up the pace without any loss to the story. Conversely, some small scenes cut from the original second act have been partially restored.  Basically I have had ten years to consider my second edition and create a “Director’s cut”! I invite you all to buy: your paperback copy  here ; and your