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A year goes by

I've spent a year completely absent from my usual activities. Poor health can do this to you. Here's hoping 2008 will bring me more energy. For those who are interested, I have posted new pictures taken in September on my pictures page . Otherwise 2007 was a year of catching up with long-lost friends. In March I finally met up with Tim Benson of BBC fame whom I haven't seen since early 1976 (he's the guy on the left of me and that's his younger brother James on the right). I had a wonderful time with the Bensons on the last day of a rushed visit to Canberra for Antionette's wedding. On the same mad day I met up with James Lavett (also of BBC fame, now a doctor) after not seeing him since 1989. The madman drove to Canberra from the northern NSW coast just to see me for a couple of hours. Hey, I sure appreciate it man. May our extraordinary friendship continue for another 35 years. I'll post some more pictures up soon. I had plans to do a webpage ded