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Lamenting change

Ever notice how technology is speeding up? I went to get my minidisc recorder fixed at the Sony shop and the technician told me (incorrectly it seems, for now) that Sony will no longer be making them. "The minidisc is dead." The CD and DVD will be next. Then the hard drive. Who needs them when you can get tiny flash cards that can store 4 or even 8 GB. It's not a long shot to think that they will soon store 60, 100, or 800 GB in a piece of plastic shorter than a matchbox one tenth the width. Nen told me that someone nailed an SD card to a tree and was still able to get most of the data off it. So familiar data storage devices will go the way of the typewriter. I remember in the mid '80s lamenting the fact that typewriters were destined for the scrapheap with the rise of computers. Surely we would still use typewriters occasionally? It seems we don't. It's funny how things we have taken for granted as constants in this modern age are rapidly falli