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Ghost in my closet (song)

I've released a song I wrote and recorded in 2012 when I was planning my novel, the psychological and political thriller View Through a Torn Veil. The song is called "Ghost in My Closet". Enjoy.

View Through a Torn Veil completed

The writing of View Through a Torn Veil was completed on 9 September 2018. I left the novel up for exactly one month for the dozen or so registered readers to finish, however it is now time for me to remove it from the net (even in its highly restricted form) and focus on preparing it for publication.

While I can always use my own imprint, Pikkeljig Press, to publish if no one else wants to (proof editions are on their way), this process will be held off until larger publishers have a chance to consider publication.

I'll keep you all posted!Ve

View Through a Torn Veil

I’ve bitten the bullet and started writing my latest novel “View Through a Torn Veil”. As before, it’s being written online, in instalments published as soon as they are written.

The synopsis is as follows:
A troubled would-be monk apparently commits suicide. His sister seeks the truth. But the only person who can help her is a shattered man hiding from his own past.
The ghosts of the old Cold War creep into the shadows of the present in this political and psychological thriller.
Spanning five decades and three continents, the story reaches its finale in an isolated cabin in Western Australia's deep southwest. There, two strangers must learn to trust each other if they are to untangle a complex web of lies - including the biggest lies of all: the ones you tell yourself. Join in and watch this psychological and political thriller unfold.