Dealing with door knockers

While I'm on the subject of direct marketing...

I remember back in 1987 I was studying for my law exams. My nerves were frayed and my patience was stretched to its limits. My house mates couldn't stand me nor would they accede to my requests for a bit of quiet so I could memorize those damn constitutional law cases.

When I finally had the place to myself I sat down with my books in the upstairs "study" (ie. the "box" room where we stored our junk). Then I heard a knock. I looked out of the window and saw 2 women standing at the front doorway bearing Bibles. It was about as much as I could stand.

I went downstairs determined to tell them to go to hell and didn't they have better things to do, etc.

Yet when I opened the door I was confronted with 2 sweet older ladies, both smiling gently like Dianne Wiest playing a doting aunt. Instantly my heart and resolve both melted.

"Hello young man. Have you considered creation versus evolution?" they asked me, still smiling, eyes crinkling at the corners, heads tilted slightly. My response is possibly my own best ever example of putting the Chinese concept of wu-wei into use. I returned the smile and said:
"Yes I have ladies. And let me assure you: there is absolutely no doubt in my mind." I gave them a firm nod and a conspiratorial wink. "Good luck and have a wonderful day!"
"Oh, you too dear..." One said, her voice trailing off uncertainly.

After I had closed the door I ran upstairs and watched them from the window as they walked off scratching their heads.