He never left (a song for my father)

He's always around, sitting here, just talking;
and after a while I realize that he can't be.
When I ask him how it's possible, he laughs like I already know,
and I try to forget that I jinxed the moment.

So it's as if he never left,
only I get older every time
I see my face in the mirror;
he stays the same.

I was a thousand miles away when it happened:
I remember the telephone ringing in a dream,
I remember pinching myself in the darkness, and my mother's cracking voice.
Now I'm only awake when I'm dreaming.

He's in the hallway closet now,
under sweaters in a wooden box,
with the date he started living in my dreams.

    The mp3 of the song can be downloaded here.

Copyright © 2004 Dejan Djurdjevic