Limping to the moon - video clip

Here is the clip of my latest song - filmed at Mt Hawthorn by Ben Wilson last Saturday.

It is off my forthcoming album "Ways that won't mend".

I'm grateful to Jed for all his help in recording this song and the other songs on my album - cheers mate, you're a legend. Your creative genius and skill is beyond the ken of mere mortals.

Ben, what can I say... the video speaks for itself; pure art! Thanks for making my vision come true.

To the 2 drunks who heckled the shoot: this is what we were trying to do.

And to the one who said: "Listen mate, you should start singing about things that you actually know something about; I've been in the Sydney to Hobart race and I can tell you don't know shit about sailing," I have this to say: the song isn't about sailing, you moron.

Music and lyrics copyright © 2011 Dejan Djurdjevic.