Record daily downloads for The Mirror Image of Sound!

My novel "The Mirror Image of Sound" has had record downloads following the start of the 5 day free Kindle version promotion.  In just a matter of hours the free downloads soared to 121 and continue in the second day at much the same rate.

The novel has also been recommended by influential sites and adding to the download rate!

With only four more days to go, make sure you snap up your copy!

The synopsis is as follows:

Dan is a young lawyer living in a bullying work environment and tolerating a cheating, air-headed wife.  When he loses his beloved uncle, and possibly only real friend, Uncle Frank, his life is set to implode.

In what seems like a final, cruel, twist of fate, Uncle Frank has inexplicably left virtually his entire estate to a stranger named "Fenyops Pikkeljig".

But while winding up his uncle's estate, Dan uncovers a hidden cellar - and slowly begins to uncover a world of intrigue, mystery and suspense.  He meets the exotic and mysterious Justine and, in a fashion reminiscent of Joseph Conrad's "Victory", ultimately gets involved in the lives of "real people" - discovering that sometimes the chance to help others affords your only chance for redemption, love and a life that is actually worth living.

But will Dan take that chance - or will he succumb to the same inertia that has kept him locked in his "first world nightmare" for as long as he can remember?

How will he respond to the fact that his involvement in the lives of others brings with it the very real risk of his own ruin - and possibly demise?

Part mystery, part romance, part sci-fi/fantasy, fully Aussie satire in the mould of "The Castle", this quirky, punchy page-turner will keep you guessing to the very end.

So if you haven't yet done so, now is the time to read this novel, described by reviewers as "life-changing" and "deservedly 5 stars".

To download the Kindle version, click on the amazonkindle button to the right or on the above image of the cover of the novel.