I finally publish the Essential Jo DVD!

A year after the publication of my bestselling martial arts textbook Essential Jo (and more than 5 years after the book was written and photographed), I am proud to announce the publication of the long-awaited companion DVD of the same name.

Essential Jo, the DVD, covers the same ground as the book, along with some very useful bonus material, notably a detailed analysis of "Jusan" - the 13 count form - both in single person and two person form.

The jo - the Japanese 4-foot staff - was originally taught with the ken (sword) in the samurai arts.

This two hour video is arguably the most comprehensive on the subject to date, offering a course of study from white through to black belt in this practical, yet elegant, art.

While it is intended primarily for students with experience in weapons arts, particularly jodo, the book can also be used by beginners for home study.

The art of jodo makes an excellent addition to any martial art system.

(Also direct download from Amazon - USA only)

I would like to thank:
  • my brother Nenad, for his teaching, support, encouragement and guidance;
  • my student, training partner and friend of 30 years, Jeff Cosgrove, 4th Dan, for helping me make this a reality;
  • Nenad's uchi deshi and my student and friend, Rob Douglas, for all his assistance, especially with Jeff in preparing for demonstrations included in this video; and
  • all of the students who participated in the making of the video: there are too many to mention but you know who you are!