Nights of the Moon completed

The novel "Nights of the Moon" is now complete.  It is a relationship-based drama/mystery set on a remote island in Western Australia's far north.

The novel was written over 28 separate (though not consecutive) nights and published online in a serialised format on the night each chapter was written.

The synopsis is as follows:

Leila is a dreamer.

    She dreams of a successful career, a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, a "half-decent partner",  a couple of kids and maybe even a dog thrown into the bargain.
    She dreams of writing poetry.
    But she lives on remote mining sites, working eleven hour days in the fierce desert heat - in a not-so-distant future where there are few, if any, other options on the table.
    Most recently, Leila finds herself dreaming of a brief halcyon time on Irwin Island in the far north of Western Australia - and Edin: a quietly charming but complex and often inscrutable man with a troubled past.

    "Nights of the Moon" is a bittersweet drama and mystery, exploring the challenges and realities facing modern relationships - and just what it takes to find fulfilment and meaning in life.

The novel will remain online for approximately 1 week after which it will be taken down for publication by Pikkeljig Press.

To start reading, go here.