Girl in the Attic completed!

I've finished my fourth work of fiction "Girl in the Attic", netting a record number of online readers and very encouraging and enthusiastic messages from fans. Thank you everyone who has joined me on this journey over the last two months. If you haven't gotten into it yet, now is your chance - click on the image below or go here.

The blurb is as follows:
Rose lives with her mother Valerie in a run-down cottage in an old part of town. Rose steals things. Valerie drinks. That's just the way it is. Whenever Rose gets caught, Valerie banishes her to the cramped, dusty attic - often for weeks at a time.

Then one day Rose decides she's going to change her life: she's going to close that attic door forever. And that's exactly what she does.

So why do the police suddenly want to speak with Rose again? Why does she have a shiny new watch she can't recall buying (or stealing!)? For that matter, why can't she seem to remember speaking with some people, being at various places, taking up smoking or making particular sketches and notes in her journal?

And why is it that, as Rose lies awake at night with her covers pulled up to chin, she can hear something - bumps, shuffling steps and a girl's cough - coming from the attic?

Girl in the Attic is a young adult mystery that explores themes of compulsive behaviour, addiction, the importance of family, the nature of chance and the role your choices play in shaping destiny.

Dan Djurdjevic is a multi-award winning blogger and Amazon bestselling author whose previous works include The Mirror Image of Sound, Nights of the Moon and The Shadow of Dusk. This is his first work of young adult fiction.
The story will stay up for only two more weeks before it is taken down for preparation for publication by Pikkeljig Press.